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Education and Psychology: Inseparable - Yankı Mıhçı '23

Over 65% of teachers are unaware of student psychology and utilize it in the classroom (Hruza). Educators must understand this matter as it will help students integrate into the class, making it a more suitable environment for learning. The two most significant problems tutors face are dealing with challenging behavior and keeping attention. Comprehending psychology allows positive language and shorter tasks to be employed, achieving a healthier classroom.

One of the most shared problems faced in classrooms is getting students to behave. Using positive language is a more manageable and beneficial way to warn students. This is because using negative language reinforces destructive behavior rather than blocking it. Utilizing positive language means straying away from sentences with negative words, such as “don’t" and "can’t” etc. For instance, if there is a group of students constantly chatting, instead of responding with “You can’t talk during class times.” teachers can say “Let’s get our attention back to the class.” This will make students less likely to continue talking because, especially the younger brain, is more likely to continue doing what it is told not to do. Another way positive language can cooperate in the classroom is by smiling more and frowning less often. Positive Action states, “Model the behavior you want to see in your students. Studies have shown that students learn from the language and behavior that educators display.” (Positive Action). Consequently, using positive language by straying away from negative sentences and modeling behavior will achieve a better class environment.

Young learners have short attention spans. According to CNLD, primary students have an average attention span of 10 minutes. Therefore, keeping the attention of younger learners proves difficult. A way to approach this situation is the prepare a range of activities. This allows the teacher to switch through activities, getting the attention of students on a new subject quite efficiently. Joanna Wiseman states, “In the classroom, it is rare to have the whole class fully engaged in something for a long period of time, since the children will have different interests and levels, so it is essential to plan a number of activities for each lesson.” (Wiseman). Utilizing this will also help to keep the class dynamic and adapt the class to the needs of the learners. To summarize, having a wider range of activities will allow students to have a higher retention rate, while also helping the teacher to adapt the class toward the needs required of students.

Psychology and education are inseparable. Utilizing psychology can support teachers battle difficult situations in the classroom. Some samples include positive language, which can help stop students from acting on bad behavior. Another is having a range of activities, helping students' attention and allowing a more dynamic classroom. 65% of teachers aren’t able to use these techniques, which is why it should be far more widespread.


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