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Who Are We

Hisar Nexus is a journal formed in December 2021 with the support of the Hisar School science department. Initially designed as a science journal, Nexus has evolved ever since, becoming a journal that encompasses all types of works from arts to literature. The word "Nexus" means a meeting point which is why it acts as a connection point of arts and academia through a shared interest to explore and question the workings of their surroundings. An idea once born to share the accomplishments of our students with their peers and the next generations, Nexus, strives to inspire others to pursue their interests in all fields.


A Message From Our Mentor

Fatma Altun

Following the past year's success, we wanted to build on our accomplishments by opening a club for Nexus and branching out our writing. This year we are working towards growing our platform and influence over the Hisar student body by publishing our journals from yearly to per semester. Here, on our website you can find access to our journal from last year, links and forms for writing submissions, and an active newsletter that will have short articles on recent scientific developments and interesting concepts. Feel free to browse our website and get inspired!

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