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NoktaParantez was established in 2016 to be a representative of Hisar School and Turkey in national and international events and competitions. It was built upon the mutual interest and passion of the students, working out of Idealab and Fablab. Being a part of the HisarCS community, they thrive to guide and support all students in Hisar in their quest to develop projects in different fields of STEM(Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Maths), as well as helping students develop skills such as engineering, coding, and marketing. Much like every other team, NoktaParantez can only be as efficient as it is through strong bonds and communication between its members of various skill sets.

Their motto "Ad Astra per Aspera" means "To the stars through difficulties" in Latin, going alongside the mission of Hisar School, "Discover and Develop Their True Potential". Latin being the ancestor of many modern languages spoken in various parts of the world, makes the motto only more powerful as it innately forms bonds with all countries and teams through a mutual goal.

NoktaParantez has been a part of the FIRST Robotics Community for over 6 years, learning new skills, establishing new relationships and being introduced to new cultures along the way. They stand as a beacon of development and social awareness, aiming to create open-sourced educational content to aid in the respect and appreciation for all STEM fields.

In their first year, they were awarded the Rookie Inspiration Award and, the Winner Alliance and Grant Award in the Turkish Off-Season. In 2017, they attended the New York City Regional event where they were awarded the Rookie All-Star Award and got a chance to attend the World Championship in Houston, Texas. In 2019, they attended the Bosphorus Regional and Festival de Robotique, a Quebec City Regional event where they won the Team Spirit Award and Entrepreneurship Award.

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