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Pakette Bilim

As one of the school’s most active community service projects, Pakette Bilim bridges students’ passion for science and helps others by establishing a system where students all around Turkey get to perform experiments with Hisar’s student mentors. In its third year, Pakette Bilim expanded their reach to one more grade of students.

Palette Bilim works in structured groups including the mentors, the technical team and the business team. Each student mentor is assigned four students, which may be of grades 5, 6 or 7. Over video call, the student mentors unpack the science packages with their students, go over the experimental booklet and complete the experiment. Each science package contains the materials and instructions for five different experiments performed weekly. At the end of the 5-week process, both the mentor and the students receive a certificate. Throughout the academic year, three of these processes are conducted and each process has a different set of mentors & students. It is between these processes that the technical team picks the experiments to be performed, prepares the experimental design, procedure and materials. The team then gathers these materials in the exact amounts to be used for the experiment and puts together each science package one by one. This team is also responsible for writing the booklet that comes in each science package and finally, tracking the shipment of the packages to students.

As Pakette Bilim is a club and a project, the technical team do most of their work during club hours and the rest in google meet sessions, while the mentoring team works almost entirely remotely and therefore only operates on google meet. At the beginning of each year, students fill in the application google form to volunteer to be a student mentor. Pakette Bilim attracted many student mentors this year since mentorship covers 5 hours of community service requirement each week of the mentorship process.

Working in parallel with each team, Pakette Bilim has a business team that is responsible for keeping Pakette Bilim’s social media active and up to date by posting weekly. The business team also arranges the project’s sponsorships from companies including Mplus and Tempo Call Centers.

With 56 mentors and a technical team of 15 people, Pakette Bilim has reached over 250 students in the past year and is currently in the third week of this year’s first mentorship process. Student mentors are continuing to emphasize and work beyond the MEB curriculum by performing experiments like building solar system models or periscopes with their students.

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