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The Idealab is home to many teams and projects of Hisar, primarily NoktaParantez. On the second floor of Block C, four main components make up The Idealab: Electronics and programming room, mechanical workshop, fabrication room and Multimedia Lab. Each room aiding a different skill set including entrepreneurship, coding, mechanical engineering, and 3D design.

The idealab welcomes first timers through club sessions, elective classes, or through personal contact. First timers get to participate in branches of projects of the Idea Lab that they’re interested in and they gain exposure to other areas of computer science, while they’re spending time working in the idealab by staying in after school hours or during the lunch breaks, they gain exposure to these areas and they explore their passion and talent throughout the fields of computer science. Newcomers are asked about their interests rather than the position they want, and assigned to “teams in the frc” accordingly.

Having groups or individual students work on many subfields of computer science work in the same environments has many upsides. After a while students take a break from their own work, get up and look/tour around in the lab to clear their minds. As they do this, they get to see their peers working on their own projects and often ask about what it is they are working on. When students share their work with each other, short conversations sparkk and these engagements are what inspires students to stick around and discover more.

Most of the time, anyone is welcome to watch or even help out with minor parts of projects they aren't officially involved in, just for the sake of learning certain skills or concepts from their peers. It is not uncommon that students switch between projects by discovering tier passion for a new field of computer science after gaining exposure. This gives everybody the opportunity to work on what they’re truly passionate about.

At this point, the NoktaParantez team has become like a family. There is a very large number of students at hisar who have some sort of an association to the Idealab or another. And although people may not be able to arrange the same age time frames, a good amount of students come to the Idealab whenever they have time, whether it is lunch breaks or between lessons, or extra time afterschool. Projects in computer science othen tend to get too frustrating, going through and resolving these situations bring the IdeaLab closer together

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