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Hisar School has participated in and represented the Technovation Girls Challenge for the past few years. Every year, a team of student ambassadors and organizers is gathered to keep in contact with the Technovation Girls Foundation and prepare student teams of Turkey for the annual competition. The Technovation Girls challenge is aimed to encourage more girls to get involved in STEM and entrepreneurship positions and pursue these areas later in life.

Students form teams and sign up for the competition from the beginning of each school year, follow Technovation’s curriculum, and pitch their projects virtually at the end of Spring. Semi-finalists from this competition get the opportunity to pitch their projects further at the Global Summit in California in August. For the challenge, teams identify a problem in their target community and propose a solution to it through an app or an AI model.

The Idealab hosts office hours for the highschool teams every Monday and Thursday. During these sessions, teams get to work interactively with the student ambassadors as mentors in addition to attending workshops for idea development, coding, and design. The technovation curriculum is very straightforward and easy to follow. Ambassadors and student teams leverage these resources to follow through with their pitch preparation. Over the course of the year, team members explore different areas of startup development and executing their solution such as programming, design, or business. Although each team member gains experience of the simple tasks from each field, they distribute their responsibilities according to the areas they want to focus on. Teams create logos, UI layouts, business plans, and pitch video for their projects.

Technovation Turkey is holding a launch event on 11th of February 2023 where they will welcome teams from around the country and host speeches and lectures on UN Sustainable Development Goals, Mobile Applications of AI and Design Thinking. The launch event will also be an opportunity for teams and mentors to interact with and learn from each other. Towards the end of the event, there will be a project hour where mentors will have a Q&A session amongst each other on AI Integration in Educational Technologies.

Students especially benefit from Technovation’s strong alumnae network. With a LinkedIn group of 1,658 members, Technovation alumnae support each other, share opportunities such as similar competitions, and updates on their achievements that can be useful for fellow alumnae. Since its establishment in 2006, Technovation has created a massive community of girls exploring their talents and interest in male dominated fields such as computer science or entrepreneurship.

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