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Udemy, Inc. is a global destination for teaching and learning online. It was founded in May 2010 by Eren Bali, Gagan Biyani, and Oktay Caglar. Students take courses primarily to improve job-related skills. Some courses generate credit toward technical certification.

Hisar School's very own HisarCS community is also an educator on Udemy, providing free and open-sourced educational videos for everyone to aid everyone interested in STEM. They have over 27.5k student followers, 39K enrolled in all of their courses, and an average of 4.3/5 ratings for their videos. The videos are categorized as beginner, intermediate and advanced levels to let individuals progress their learning at their own pace. Among their videos, are; "Introduction to Programming with Python", where students learn the basics of coding, as well as doing projects to put their learnings to work, "Fusion360 and Rapid Prototyping" which comes in 2 parts and teaches the basic concepts of the program, followed by how to draw 2D prototypes for 3D designs, and many more courses going into detail on game design, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, and raspberry pi based robot construction.

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